Linguistics in Tanzania

Mbeya Cluster Project

  • Mbeya town
    Mbeya town

There are thirteen Bantu languages in the Mbeya Cluster Project (MCP), and they are: Bena (G63), Bungu (Wungu) (F25), Kinga (G65), Kisi (G67), Malila (M24), Manda (N11), Ndali (M301), Nyakyusa (M31), Nyiha (M23), Pangwa (G64), Safwa (M25), Sangu (Sango) (G61) and Vwanji (Wanji) (G66).


There are many similarities across the languages, but also some significant differences. Some have five vowel systems and others have seven vowel systems. Vowel length is a particularly interesting research topic in many of the languages as both phonemic vowel length and phonetically conditioned length are present. We are still in the early stages of understanding the phonologies and grammars of the MCP languages and have not published any of our work yet, but if you are interested in finding out more about what we are doing, please contact me.